GIS Development & Web Design

Hello, my name is Omar. I’m a GIS developer and web designer currently based out of central California.

What I can offer

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GIS Development

I have experience with different types of GIS software — Esri and open-source. I have used these tools to create and share maps, web apps, dashboards and reports.

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Web development

I have extensive knowledge of the core fundamentals of programming and also the modern techniques required to build user-friendly, responsive applications.

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UI/UX Design

With years of experience in graphic design, user interface design seemed like the next logical step. I can design web applications to be visually appealing and accessible.

Recent Projects

Web application with 3D

3D Room Map

This app features three interactive 3D room visualizations.

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Hobby Map Screen

Hobby Map

This app allows the user to add, update, and delete records of data.

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Forest Map

Forest Map

This app imports an external GeoJSON data file from

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